In the team of the HPB Surgery and Transplantology Clinic operates highly qualified medical staff, providing quality treatment and post-operative care. 
Surgeons at the clinic have specialized in leading European and world clinics, maintaining their qualification by participating actively in postgraduate
courses and world scientific forums.

Prof. Nikola Vladov

Head of HPB and Transplantology Department

Prof. Dr. Nikola Vladov was born in 1960. In 1987 he graduated from Medical University - Sofia. In 1993 she became a major surgeon,
while at the same time he worked at the Surgical Clinic of the national Emergency ''Pirogov'' Hospital and then specialized at
Professor Y. Chapuis at the Surgery Clinic of Cochin Hospital, Paris. In the period 1996-98 he worked at the Surgical Clinic of the
Regional Hospital in Beja, Tunisia. Upon his return to Bulgaria he was Head of the Surgery Department at the Pangurishte District Hospital
and Chief of the First Surgical Clinic of Pazardzhik Hospital, specializing in the surgical clinic of Cochin Hospital, Paris, at
Professor D. Houssin and in the Surgical Clinic of Saint Antoine Hospital, Paris at Professor R. Parks.
In 2002 he defended a dissertation entitled: "Surgical treatment of echinococcal cysts with connection to the bile ducts"
to acquire a scientific and educational degree "Doctor of Medicine".
From 2003-until 2009, he is Head of the HPB surgery Clinic at the Military Medical Academy - Sofia, 
and in 2005 he was appointed as Associate Professor at the Clinic. In 2006 she specialized in "Liver Transplantation" at the
Cochin Hospital Surgery Clinic in Paris with Professor O. Soubrane and "Laparoscopic Coloproctology" at the Hospital of Monfalcone,
Italy at Prof. J. Pinjata.
Since 2007 he is Head of the Liver Transplantation Program at the Military Medical Academy, and since 2009 he has been the Head of the
HPB surgery and transplantology clinic. In 2009 he defended a dissertation entitled "Pancreatic cancer - a multidisciplinary approach and
opportunities for surgical treatment" to acquire the scientific degree "Doctor of Medical Sciences".
In 2010 he specialized in laparoscopic liver surgery at the Elan Court Training Center in Paris, and since 2011 has been selected as a 
national consultant of transplantology.
In January 2013, he was elected as an honored member of the French аcademy of surgery.